10 Tips For A Psychic Reading

10 tips for psychic readingsYou want answers to all those burning questions and have decided to have a psychic reading.

Here are 10 tips for your next psychic reading.


1. Write down the questions you want answers to. This way you won’t forget something that you really wanted to know. It also sets the intention for the reading and keeps us on track.

2. Be open minded. Many people are skeptical of psychic readings. It is really hard to read someone who doesn’t want to be read. By keeping your mind open you are allowing the psychic to do his/her work.

3. Relax and be comfortable. Being in a relaxed state of mind also helps keep you open to the reading. I would even suggest having a glass of wine, if you enjoy wine.

4. When receiveing a pet reading, have the pet next to you, if living. Depending on the pet, tell them ahead of time. However, some pets are very anxious, I would only tell them a few minutes before the reading.


5. You should jot down the answers that are given to you. A reading can be a lot to absorb. In addition, writing down information helps drive intention to the universe. You can go back and reference this often.

6. You can ask to record the reading and if the guides/pets say it is ok you may. This way you may go back and hear the reading again.


7. Give yourself a couple days to absorb, reread your notes or listen to the recording. Sleeping on it really helps you get perspective.

8. Remember nothing happens immediately, give the universe time to align your reading

9. Meditate, journal, create a vision board, and reflect often on your reading to help manifest what you want to happen.

10. Schedule a follow up reading to see how you are progressing in your life decisions.

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Nothing is set in stone and we all have free will to make choices that change our path in life. While readings can help guide you, you always have the power to change your fate.