Update On My Pets

I always get asked about my pets, how many do I have, what kind, can I hear what they are saying to me.

I have 2 cats, Merlyn who is 11 years old male and a Tabby Cat. Snickers who is 10 years old female and a Tortie Shell Cat. I also have 2 dogs. Yukon who is 8 years old male and a Australian Sheppard. Una who is 8 years old female and a Chihuahua.

Merlyn The Greeter

Merlyn The Greeter

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Yes, I can hear what they are saying to me. I don’t always like what they are saying to me 🙂 it is mostly good, unless they are into mischief.
  • Merlyn is the cat you hear on the phone when I talk with you, he thinks he is the official greeter.
  • Merlyn and my dog Una and I have been together for a couple of lifetimes.
  • No they do not get special treatment, I love all of my pets.

 New Diet

About 3 months ago I started feeding my dogs on a raw diet. I have heard from many of you about how great your pets feel on a raw diet. Una has allergies and was over weight ever sense I had her spaded. Yukon had low energy and a dull coat, plus he hurt his leg while running and playing with his dog friends that live behind us, they run along the fence together.

We had a nutrition consultation with Jill Tack from The Pet Beastro. Who is Fantastic at what she does. It was great during the consultation she would test the dogs and I would  hear and get a confirmation from them, so that helped Jill also. (not that she needs it).

Now Yukon’s energy is slowly coming back, his coat is starting to look better, he is on a natural anti-inflammatory for his leg which is starting to help. Una is on a natural supplement for her allergies, which is helping, and she has lost weight. She went down a whole harness size. She has a little more to go, her energy level is like she is a puppy.

Thank You to all of you who talked to me about the raw food, and a Special Thank you to Jill Tack.

Please feel free to email me and let me know some tips you can share about the raw food.

3 Top Psychic Reading Questions

follow up psychic readingsI have been doing readings for over 20 years now. And people ask all sorts of questions, but these are the most asked questions.

1. Health

Everyone wants to know about their health. I am not a doctor. The answers I receive are from your body and what information it wants you to know, and how you can help yourself, or you can ask your doctor to check into. Your body gives me information on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Some questions are:

  • How will my surgery turn out?
  • Will I lose my weight?
  • I have a family history of Cancer do you see it showing up in me?

Your health is important and asking a psychic about it may help you.

2. Love

Love is a wonderful thing. Your Guides and Angels can show me people from your Past, Present, Future. Just be ready for the answer, it might not always be what you want to hear.

Some questions are:

  • Is my partner cheating on me?
  • Is this my Soul Mate?
  • Did my ex boyfriend/girlfriend love me?
  • Is the relationship I am in now going to last?
  • Is it time to call it quits?

Your Guides and Angels are not going to tell you what to do, they can just show you what might or is happening, and you make your own choices.

3. Job

The last few years this has been a big question for allot of you. So many people are scared and don’t know what to do. Your Guides and Angels can help you.

Some questions are:

  • Will I find a job? Is this the right job for me?
  • Is there a promotion coming?
  • Will this company go under?
  • Should I start my own business?

Nothing is set in stone, we all have free will. When you have a reading done remember that. I can only tell you what your Guides and Angels show me if you are staying on the path that you are on right now. You have the choice and power to change your future. That is a great reason to have a reading done, to see where you are headed, and if you don’t like it you can change it.

I would love to be of service to you and help you. Call me to schedule an appointment and ask your questions.

How Do Pet Psychics Communicate With Animals?

Animal CommunicationPsychics and people in general can receive communication from animals in three different ways.

1. Images or Pictures. Images can flash into your mind’s eye. It can be one picture or it can look like a film. For instance, if a dog is telling you they like to go for walks, you will see a dog walking.

2. Feelings. Sensitive people very often pick up the feelings of others in their own bodies without even realizing it. If the person next to them is feeling anxious, they too may become anxious. Animals can send these feelings to us to help us understand where they have pain. All of a sudden, your stomach or your shoulder may hurt when you are near an animal. It may be their pain reflecting in your body. We Mirror our pets.

3. Words. Some animal communicators hear words in their mind when an animal is talking to them. This is the main way that I receive messages from animals. Somehow my mind translates the images in my mind, feelings in my body, and a sense of knowing very quickly into words. It sounds as if I am whispering to myself except it has a subtly different feeling to it. It doesn’t “feel” like it is coming from me.

The average animal owner can receive messages telepathically from animal companions. It just takes the knowledge to recognize that a thought, image, or feeling in your body was not yours and came from your pet. Often it is so clear there is no denying it. But more often than not it is very subtle.

A person must be very open and do a lot of self-exploration and practice in order to be extremely accurate. You must study your mind and body and constantly be asking yourself, “Where did that message come from?” It is almost like tuning a radio station. Once you know the station your animals are on, it becomes easier and easier, but even for an experienced communicator the lines can get blurry. You must be dedicated to exploring your thoughts.

The thoughts in your head can come from many sources.

Below are just a few ways you can get information.

1. It can come from the animal itself.

2. It can come from your own feelings, associations or assumptions. For instance, your dog hides when there are fireworks outside so you think say your dog is telling you they are scared of the loud noises. This may be true, but it could also be the smell in the air, the the people that are there, or other reasons.

3. It can come from you reading your animal’s body language, rather than the animal telling you.

4. It can come from a higher power or  guides, and angels.

So how do you start knowing which is which? Dissect your mind. Pay attention. Always ask yourself where that thought, image, or feeling came from – not just when you are with the animal but all the time.


When you are standing in line at the grocery store, what are you thinking, feeling, and seeing in your mind’s eye?

You will start to notice things. Like on your drive to dinner, you were feeling really good and energetic but when you got to the dinner table and sat next to your friend’s husband you all of sudden felt depressed and lethargic. Perhaps that is not your feeling but his. It is very easy to absorb negative energy. With practice you can put up a shield to protect yourself.

Or maybe, when you are falling asleep at night, all of sudden you see an image of your coach. Where did that come from? Perhaps your dog wants to sleep on the coach. Did you have a feeling in your body when you saw that image? Does his head, neck, or back hurt when he lays on the floor?

You can also free-write. I love this exercise. I have been doing this with my animals since I was a little girl. You can ask your animal a question and then for six minutes just write. Don’t judge what you are writing or correct spelling, just write, and at the end of the six minutes, read your writing. In there will be thoughts from both you and your animal. Which is which? When my childhood dog died, I wrote a letter to my dog and then I wrote a letter from him to me. I know I channeled him in that writing. It can be a very powerful experience.


Meditation and yoga are also wonderful ways to free your restrictions and start knowing your mind. The focus will help you be open to the communication.

The most important thing is to have fun. There are times when watching your mind is exhilarating and extraordinary as you watch your consciousness grow. Other times, it is frustrating that you don’t seem to be getting anywhere. But the more you acknowledge your mental processes, and start focusing on what you want to learn, the more the “negative stuff” is weeded out.

Your animals will help you with this. Ask them to send you images, thoughts, and feelings. Sometimes you have to be clear to your animal about how you want them to send their thoughts.

Experiment with your animals. Ask them to send in different ways. Know that they do not have to be looking at you. They can multitask just like us. Tell your animal to send you the image, feeling, or thoughts over and over again. Tell them to be really clear.

If you don’t get anything back, know that it is possible that you maybe trying too hard. Its okay: Your mind will save the information you receive and play it again when you are more relaxed. It may pop up when you are in the shower, meditating, or falling asleep. Pay attention when it does. Now go listen and watch your thoughts. Maybe you can talk to your animals too.


Special Psychic Reading: A Boy & His Turtle

One of my fondest memories of readings was one I did when I worked with Petco for one of their grand opening events.

pet psychic reading turtlesThe Line

The store was very busy that day and the line for readings was quite long. But I clearly remember this young boy about 7 or 8 years old waiting in line with a box. I was actually a little worried about what was in the box. 😉


He was so well behaved and patient while waiting in line. He held the box so carefully. It was clear that whatever was in the box was very special to him and that he was truly excited to talk to me.


He waited over an hour to talk to me in that line. When he came up to me he was just grinning. In the box was a little turtle. He said that the turtle was his best friend. He asked how the turtle was, if he liked his home and if he needed anything. He loved that turtle so much.

It really touched my heart. I only got to spend about 10 minutes with him but it was enough to make him happy. To this day, his reading is one of my favorites.


Movie Review: Greyfriars Bobby

Who Was Greyfriars Bobby?


I made a minor change to this article. Thank You.

This one of my favorite movies growing up. The idea that an animal would stay so loyal and devoted to one person for his whole life just seemed so honorable. The bond between humans and pets constantly amazes me. Their ability to serve their human so unselfishly is inspiring.

Bobby was a real Skye Terrier who became known in 19th-century Edinburgh, Scotland for supposedly spending 14 years guarding the grave of his owner until he died himself on January 14th 1872. The story continues to be well known as active oral history in Edinburgh, through several books/films, and because a prominent commemorative statue and nearby graves act as a tourist attraction.

The Greyfriars Bobby Movie came out in 1961 – this story still rings true today for he ideas of love and loyalty.

If you have about an hour and 1/2 to sit down with your family, I think everyone will enjoy this film and the little dog who never gave up on his master.


Why You Need A Follow Up Psychic Reading

follow up psychic readingsYou just had an amazing psychic reading and now what.

Hopefully, you followed my 10 tips for a good psychic reading and are now looking to find more answers.

After Initial Reading

You should have written down the answers to your questions or recorded the session to listen to a few more times to allow you to process the information fully.  In addition, I hope you meditated, journaled, created a vision board and reflected on the reading to help set the intention and manifest the answers you wanted to come to you.

New Questions

Now that some time has passed. Say two or three  months, it is time to see if you are on the right track. A follow up reading will allow you to answer the questions you forgot to ask in your first reading and ask the questions you now have since this new path has been manifested. Begin the process again by writing down the questions you now have and schedule your appointment here and save $10 on your follow up 30 minute reading.




10 Tips For A Psychic Reading

10 tips for psychic readingsYou want answers to all those burning questions and have decided to have a psychic reading.

Here are 10 tips for your next psychic reading.


1. Write down the questions you want answers to. This way you won’t forget something that you really wanted to know. It also sets the intention for the reading and keeps us on track.

2. Be open minded. Many people are skeptical of psychic readings. It is really hard to read someone who doesn’t want to be read. By keeping your mind open you are allowing the psychic to do his/her work.

3. Relax and be comfortable. Being in a relaxed state of mind also helps keep you open to the reading. I would even suggest having a glass of wine, if you enjoy wine.

4. When receiveing a pet reading, have the pet next to you, if living. Depending on the pet, tell them ahead of time. However, some pets are very anxious, I would only tell them a few minutes before the reading.


5. You should jot down the answers that are given to you. A reading can be a lot to absorb. In addition, writing down information helps drive intention to the universe. You can go back and reference this often.

6. You can ask to record the reading and if the guides/pets say it is ok you may. This way you may go back and hear the reading again.


7. Give yourself a couple days to absorb, reread your notes or listen to the recording. Sleeping on it really helps you get perspective.

8. Remember nothing happens immediately, give the universe time to align your reading

9. Meditate, journal, create a vision board, and reflect often on your reading to help manifest what you want to happen.

10. Schedule a follow up reading to see how you are progressing in your life decisions.

Want to schedule a reading today? Click here to see what types of readings I offer.


Nothing is set in stone and we all have free will to make choices that change our path in life. While readings can help guide you, you always have the power to change your fate.

Guest Post: Animal Healing & Nutrition

The Pet Beastro Natural Pet FoodI am very excited to introduce Jill Tack from The Pet Beastro, an alternative pet food store in Madison Heights, Michigan and helps heal pets with digestive issues, skin ailments, allergies, and more by look at their nutrition and changing their diet. We have been friends for several years now and I love doing animal readings for her furry kids.

Have you ever wondered what your pets are thinking? Are you feeding them the right foods and do they like it? Is something missing from their daily routine and they can’t verbally tell you? These are very valid questions that you can have answered when working with an animal communicator.

What is an animal communicator?

First, let’s understand how an animal communicator works with their talent. Many times mediums or communicators are born with this wonderful gift but you can develop your own skills. Throughout one’s life, it needs to be exercised and put to use. Many times people that have more intuition also have high phosphorus content within their being. Phosphorus element is important for everyone and is found in the nucleus of each cell and in body fluids. This mineral also acts as a nerve and brain tonic and becomes the medium of the soul’s expression through the brain faculties. A medium will use their intuitive abilities to see or hear the past, present and future of a person or animal when tuned into the energies that surround them. Many times those with intuitive communications skills rely on the presence of spirits around them. They can sense it, distinguish it and communicate with spirits in order to relay messages.

Energy Work & Healing

animal healing and pet nutritionEnergy work can be accomplished in several ways. Using a medium to communicate with your animal is just one example. Reiki, light healing touch, Bach flower remedies and essential oils are additional ways to assist in energy healing. Reiki is a Japanese technique using hands on healing that treats the person or pet as a whole including body, mind, emotions and spirit. Many Reiki masters can also use long-distance healing where they do not need to physically be next to the person or animal. Light healing touch is a hands-off energy healing method (which Lorrie does a lot of during readings). It works to balance chakras and to make sure each chakra is spinning leading to a feeling of balance and emotional well-being. Bach flower remedies are energetic flower properties which correlate to deficiencies or mood tendencies. Bach flower remedies can work wonderful with animals for many behavioral issues. Essential oils are most commonly applied topically and can often help with emotional or behavioral issues as well. Some essential oils consist of a higher vibration which can help one connect with a higher spirit and intuition. We constantly have spirits around us but everyone has their own way of believing what actually exists and choices in holistic modalities like those listed above.

Nutrition & Health

Lorrie has communicated with all of my pets in sickness and in health. It’s a simple way of reassuring myself that I’m on the right path with giving the right supplements or food. Or maybe I’m missing some emotional turmoil that my pet can’t verbally express. Since nutrition is a key component for our cats and dogs, we need to feed natural, wholesome foods to maintain health and longevity. However, some of our pets become picky or favor particular foods with no rhyme or reason. When this behavior pattern begins, it’s hard to not wonder if there are health complaints from the animal or if their current foods upset their sensitive digestive tract. We have a dog customer who is terribly picky and Lorrie enlightened us by telling us this pooch in particular wanted meat and cooked foods. He also wants them separated in his bowl and not mixed because he doesn’t like the flavor when they were mashed together. It’s hard avoiding human emotion when making your pets food. Many times if we like our foods mixed, we automatically assume are pets prefer the same. With human nature we sometimes doubt ourselves and our decisions. Lorrie does a great job getting to the root of the problem and helping find a solution to make your pet’s life more enjoyable and healthier.

First Pet Reading Experience

What Is Animal Communication:

Animal CommunicationAnimal communicators can provide a deeper understanding of your four footed, feathered, wiggly, swimming, living and deceased. People are realizing their animals can be understood in ways they did not now was available before. A psychic or medium can help bridge the communication gap.

Animal communicators share a bond with animals and can communicate with them through telepathy, better known as thought. Yes, by simply thinking, an animal knows what you are up to! One does not need to be in the presence of an animal to send and receive information. On vacation or at work, when they tune into you, they know your mind. I have found that animals know and understand their person better than their person understands themselves.

Most animal communicators are not veterinarians, but they may be able to provide valuable insight into problems and assist you in understanding how your animal is feeling or what they are going through. We are never a replacement for good veterinary care and not qualified to arrive at a medical diagnosis. I prefer alternative health care, which is also provided in some veterinary clinics. Chiropractors, acupuncture, flower essence, and hands on healing are a few alternative forms of health care being used in clinics and with trained practitioners like Jill Tack at The Pet Beastro.

Animal communicators are not infallible, particularly when finding lost animals. Many will not take on this task. It is one of the hardest jobs that an animal communicator is asked to do.

Communicating with animals is a two way process. There is a sender and a receiver. Information can be both sent and received in the blink of an eye across vast distances. Thought is faster than light. Minds and hearts have opened to the numerous roles animals play in our lives, and how they enrich the world we share with them. When we can open our hearts to animals and acknowledge what they are thinking, experiencing, feeling, and how they view life, our understanding and relationships with our animals will change forever.

First Animal Reading

It was totally by accident. I was reading a friend and her dog kept coming though. I thought I was going crazy because it was so odd. I didn’t even tell her what was happening. Her dog kept telling me he wasn’t feeling good. I kept thinking about what happened and eventually told my friend about a week later.

She believed me and took her dog to the vet. He needed some medicine. She was so positive with me that it helped me feel comfortable about this aspect of my psychic ability.

I Never Looked Back

I realized that this is something I was born to do. I always felt connected to our animals and other animals. It just began to make sense to me. Now, I really enjoy doing animal readings. They are amazing creatures and I love helping people understand their pets more.

Have you had an animal reading? What was it like? Please share in the comments below.

Searching For Love

searching-for-love psychic readingAre you looking for love?

Or looking for love in all the wrong places.

Maybe you have met that special someone but just aren’t sure if you should take it to the next level. Love can be complicated and a bit crazy.

With a love personal psychic reading, I can help you answer some questions and provide a bit of direction for your love life.

Stop feeling lost and let cupid’s arrow find you!

Call me and mention this post to get $10.00 off a one hour Love reading for the Month of February 2013 only. (734) 493-3190