First Pet Reading Experience

What Is Animal Communication:

Animal CommunicationAnimal communicators can provide a deeper understanding of your four footed, feathered, wiggly, swimming, living and deceased. People are realizing their animals can be understood in ways they did not now was available before. A psychic or medium can help bridge the communication gap.

Animal communicators share a bond with animals and can communicate with them through telepathy, better known as thought. Yes, by simply thinking, an animal knows what you areĀ up to! One does not need to be in the presence of an animal to send and receive information. On vacation or at work, when they tune into you, they know your mind. I have found that animals know and understand their person better than their person understands themselves.

Most animal communicators are not veterinarians, but they may be able to provide valuable insight into problems andĀ assist you in understanding how your animal is feeling or what they are going through. We are never a replacement for good veterinary care and not qualified to arrive at a medical diagnosis. I prefer alternative health care, which is also provided in some veterinary clinics. Chiropractors, acupuncture, flower essence, and hands on healing are a few alternative forms of health care being used in clinics and with trained practitioners like Jill Tack at The Pet Beastro.

Animal communicators are not infallible, particularly when finding lost animals. Many will not take on this task. It is one of the hardest jobs that an animal communicator is asked to do.

Communicating with animals is a two way process. There is a sender and a receiver. Information can be both sent and received in the blink of an eye across vast distances. Thought is faster than light. Minds and hearts have opened to the numerous roles animals play in our lives, and how they enrich the world we share with them. When we can open our hearts to animals and acknowledge what they are thinking, experiencing, feeling, and how they view life, our understanding and relationships with our animals will change forever.

First Animal Reading

It was totally by accident. I was reading a friend and her dog kept coming though. I thought I was going crazy because it was so odd. I didn’t even tell her what was happening. Her dog kept telling me he wasn’t feeling good. I kept thinking about what happened and eventually told my friend about a week later.

She believed me and took her dog to the vet. He needed some medicine. She was so positive with me that it helped me feel comfortable about this aspect of my psychic ability.

I Never Looked Back

I realized that this is something I was born to do. I always felt connected to our animals and other animals. It just began to make sense to me. Now, I really enjoy doing animal readings. They are amazing creatures and I love helping people understand their pets more.

Have you had an animal reading? What was it like? Please share in the comments below.