Guest Post: Animal Healing & Nutrition

The Pet Beastro Natural Pet FoodI am very excited to introduce Jill Tack from The Pet Beastro, an alternative pet food store in Madison Heights, Michigan and helps heal pets with digestive issues, skin ailments, allergies, and more by look at their nutrition and changing their diet. We have been friends for several years now and I love doing animal readings for her furry kids.

Have you ever wondered what your pets are thinking? Are you feeding them the right foods and do they like it? Is something missing from their daily routine and they can’t verbally tell you? These are very valid questions that you can have answered when working with an animal communicator.

What is an animal communicator?

First, let’s understand how an animal communicator works with their talent. Many times mediums or communicators are born with this wonderful gift but you can develop your own skills. Throughout one’s life, it needs to be exercised and put to use. Many times people that have more intuition also have high phosphorus content within their being. Phosphorus element is important for everyone and is found in the nucleus of each cell and in body fluids. This mineral also acts as a nerve and brain tonic and becomes the medium of the soul’s expression through the brain faculties. A medium will use their intuitive abilities to see or hear the past, present and future of a person or animal when tuned into the energies that surround them. Many times those with intuitive communications skills rely on the presence of spirits around them. They can sense it, distinguish it and communicate with spirits in order to relay messages.

Energy Work & Healing

animal healing and pet nutritionEnergy work can be accomplished in several ways. Using a medium to communicate with your animal is just one example. Reiki, light healing touch, Bach flower remedies and essential oils are additional ways to assist in energy healing. Reiki is a Japanese technique using hands on healing that treats the person or pet as a whole including body, mind, emotions and spirit. Many Reiki masters can also use long-distance healing where they do not need to physically be next to the person or animal. Light healing touch is a hands-off energy healing method (which Lorrie does a lot of during readings). It works to balance chakras and to make sure each chakra is spinning leading to a feeling of balance and emotional well-being. Bach flower remedies are energetic flower properties which correlate to deficiencies or mood tendencies. Bach flower remedies can work wonderful with animals for many behavioral issues. Essential oils are most commonly applied topically and can often help with emotional or behavioral issues as well. Some essential oils consist of a higher vibration which can help one connect with a higher spirit and intuition. We constantly have spirits around us but everyone has their own way of believing what actually exists and choices in holistic modalities like those listed above.

Nutrition & Health

Lorrie has communicated with all of my pets in sickness and in health. It’s a simple way of reassuring myself that I’m on the right path with giving the right supplements or food. Or maybe I’m missing some emotional turmoil that my pet can’t verbally express. Since nutrition is a key component for our cats and dogs, we need to feed natural, wholesome foods to maintain health and longevity. However, some of our pets become picky or favor particular foods with no rhyme or reason. When this behavior pattern begins, it’s hard to not wonder if there are health complaints from the animal or if their current foods upset their sensitive digestive tract. We have a dog customer who is terribly picky and Lorrie enlightened us by telling us this pooch in particular wanted meat and cooked foods. He also wants them separated in his bowl and not mixed because he doesn’t like the flavor when they were mashed together. It’s hard avoiding human emotion when making your pets food. Many times if we like our foods mixed, we automatically assume are pets prefer the same. With human nature we sometimes doubt ourselves and our decisions. Lorrie does a great job getting to the root of the problem and helping find a solution to make your pet’s life more enjoyable and healthier.