How Do Pet Psychics Communicate With Animals?

Animal CommunicationPsychics and people in general can receive communication from animals in three different ways.

1. Images or Pictures. Images can flash into your mind’s eye. It can be one picture or it can look like a film. For instance, if a dog is telling you they like to go for walks, you will see a dog walking.

2. Feelings. Sensitive people very often pick up the feelings of others in their own bodies without even realizing it. If the person next to them is feeling anxious, they too may become anxious. Animals can send these feelings to us to help us understand where they have pain. All of a sudden, your stomach or your shoulder may hurt when you are near an animal. It may be their pain reflecting in your body. We Mirror our pets.

3. Words. Some animal communicators hear words in their mind when an animal is talking to them. This is the main way that I receive messages from animals. Somehow my mind translates the images in my mind, feelings in my body, and a sense of knowing very quickly into words. It sounds as if I am whispering to myself except it has a subtly different feeling to it. It doesn’t “feel” like it is coming from me.

The average animal owner can receive messages telepathically from animal companions. It just takes the knowledge to recognize that a thought, image, or feeling in your body was not yours and came from your pet. Often it is so clear there is no denying it. But more often than not it is very subtle.

A person must be very open and do a lot of self-exploration and practice in order to be extremely accurate. You must study your mind and body and constantly be asking yourself, “Where did that message come from?” It is almost like tuning a radio station. Once you know the station your animals are on, it becomes easier and easier, but even for an experienced communicator the lines can get blurry. You must be dedicated to exploring your thoughts.

The thoughts in your head can come from many sources.

Below are just a few ways you can get information.

1. It can come from the animal itself.

2. It can come from your own feelings, associations or assumptions. For instance, your dog hides when there are fireworks outside so you think say your dog is telling you they are scared of the loud noises. This may be true, but it could also be the smell in the air, the the people that are there, or other reasons.

3. It can come from you reading your animal’s body language, rather than the animal telling you.

4. It can come from a higher power or  guides, and angels.

So how do you start knowing which is which? Dissect your mind. Pay attention. Always ask yourself where that thought, image, or feeling came from – not just when you are with the animal but all the time.


When you are standing in line at the grocery store, what are you thinking, feeling, and seeing in your mind’s eye?

You will start to notice things. Like on your drive to dinner, you were feeling really good and energetic but when you got to the dinner table and sat next to your friend’s husband you all of sudden felt depressed and lethargic. Perhaps that is not your feeling but his. It is very easy to absorb negative energy. With practice you can put up a shield to protect yourself.

Or maybe, when you are falling asleep at night, all of sudden you see an image of your coach. Where did that come from? Perhaps your dog wants to sleep on the coach. Did you have a feeling in your body when you saw that image? Does his head, neck, or back hurt when he lays on the floor?

You can also free-write. I love this exercise. I have been doing this with my animals since I was a little girl. You can ask your animal a question and then for six minutes just write. Don’t judge what you are writing or correct spelling, just write, and at the end of the six minutes, read your writing. In there will be thoughts from both you and your animal. Which is which? When my childhood dog died, I wrote a letter to my dog and then I wrote a letter from him to me. I know I channeled him in that writing. It can be a very powerful experience.


Meditation and yoga are also wonderful ways to free your restrictions and start knowing your mind. The focus will help you be open to the communication.

The most important thing is to have fun. There are times when watching your mind is exhilarating and extraordinary as you watch your consciousness grow. Other times, it is frustrating that you don’t seem to be getting anywhere. But the more you acknowledge your mental processes, and start focusing on what you want to learn, the more the “negative stuff” is weeded out.

Your animals will help you with this. Ask them to send you images, thoughts, and feelings. Sometimes you have to be clear to your animal about how you want them to send their thoughts.

Experiment with your animals. Ask them to send in different ways. Know that they do not have to be looking at you. They can multitask just like us. Tell your animal to send you the image, feeling, or thoughts over and over again. Tell them to be really clear.

If you don’t get anything back, know that it is possible that you maybe trying too hard. Its okay: Your mind will save the information you receive and play it again when you are more relaxed. It may pop up when you are in the shower, meditating, or falling asleep. Pay attention when it does. Now go listen and watch your thoughts. Maybe you can talk to your animals too.