List of Rescue Zoos

Rescue zooI love animals and since being the gift to communicate with them, I have always wanted to read an entire zoo and communicate with the animals. How cool what that be?

I am a huge fan of rescue zoos. And these zoos are privately funded. I highly encourage you too look in your area for a rescue zoo. Here are a few!

Motley Zoo – Washington

Austin Zoo – Texas

Popcorn Park Zoo – New Jersey

Wild Animal Sanctuary – Colorado

Safe Have Wild Life – Nevada

Luray Zoo – Virginia

Folsom Parks & Rec Zoo – California

Tiger World USA – North Carolina

East Coast Rescue – Pennsylvania

Little Ponderosa Zoo –  Tennessee

Aloha Safari Zoo – North Carolina

These zoos need funding and your help. Please visit them and help support their efforts to save animals who would have been euthanized or abused.