Special Psychic Reading: A Boy & His Turtle

One of my fondest memories of readings was one I did when I worked with Petco for one of their grand opening events.

pet psychic reading turtlesThe Line

The store was very busy that day and the line for readings was quite long. But I clearly remember this young boy about 7 or 8 years old waiting in line with a box. I was actually a little worried about what was in the box. 😉


He was so well behaved and patient while waiting in line. He held the box so carefully. It was clear that whatever was in the box was very special to him and that he was truly excited to talk to me.


He waited over an hour to talk to me in that line. When he came up to me he was just grinning. In the box was a little turtle. He said that the turtle was his best friend. He asked how the turtle was, if he liked his home and if he needed anything. He loved that turtle so much.

It really touched my heart. I only got to spend about 10 minutes with him but it was enough to make him happy. To this day, his reading is one of my favorites.