A New Horse Connection

Willow Tree Stables is always excited when we know Lorrie is coming. She is kind and insightful, with people and horses. She has given great comfort to my 9 year old daughter, who lost her favorite horse and was struggling to find another that she had that special connection with. Lorrie gave her reassurance that he was watching over her and in time, when she was ready, another horse would come into her life and give her a sign. From this advice my daughter was able to move on. Even in 97 degree heat , Lorrie was able to make an amazing connection, with a little girl and a horse that where meant to be in the past, present and future, only to be proven true by the fact that when the horse was moving she caused an LARGE amount of damage only to be returned. They both knew where she was meant to be and now are together. Lorrie is wonderful at what she does, she knew you had to ask to be able to enter my favorite Arab mare's stall, and to help me figure out why she was so ill, breaking out in hives even when i did EVERYTHING to find out why. She is now happy, healthy and turning 30. I look forward to having and planning many more barn readings with Lorrie. She's fun, helpful, insightful, and i know the horse's enjoy her as well. A Horse Lover