Great for People and Pets

I was skeptical when I first started looking up pet psychics and thought, "no way could this be real", but I had a problem that needed answers. I initially left Lorrie a message just hoping she would call so I could see what she did and what she was like. She called me back and she was so nice! She didn't try to force me to buy a session she was very honest about what she does and just simply answered my questions. So I thought about it and decided to book a session. About a week later I had my session and it was an amazing experiences! She talked to my dogs, but it wasn't on speaker phone, she was communicating with them and she helped me communicate with them as well. I could see by their body language that they could hear and understand her. I found out so much that I couldn't have found out anywhere else. She is also great with people stuff too! I have a situation with a good friend and she really gave me some great insight, and she knew things I had never told her. We also talked about my grandmother who is dying. She helped me understand what my grandmother is going through and explained how I can be there for her even though it doesn't seem like she knows I am there. Lorrie is wonderful. If you are visiting her website, there's obviously a reason. Don't pass this up and dial a psychic hotline. Lorrie is truly amazing. She won't tell you necessarily what you want to hear to make you happy, she tells you the truth and for me, that's exactly what I wanted . She's the real deal. I booked my second appointment already and I can't wait! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!! Katie