Why You Need A Follow Up Psychic Reading

follow up psychic readingsYou just had an amazing psychic reading and now what.

Hopefully, you followed my 10 tips for a good psychic reading and are now looking to find more answers.

After Initial Reading

You should have written down the answers to your questions or recorded the session to listen to a few more times to allow you to process the information fully.  In addition, I hope you meditated, journaled, created a vision board and reflected on the reading to help set the intention and manifest the answers you wanted to come to you.

New Questions

Now that some time has passed. Say two or three  months, it is time to see if you are on the right track. A follow up reading will allow you to answer the questions you forgot to ask in your first reading and ask the questions you now have since this new path has been manifested. Begin the process again by writing down the questions you now have and schedule your appointment here and save $10 on your follow up 30 minute reading.