Your pet talks in different voices

dog-voice, speakingI have communicated with many animals and pets over the years and they all have their own voice just like you and I.

When someone is talking you notice right away their voice. It tells you if they are a man, a woman, what area of the country they are from and much more. The same goes for animals.

One of the animals I read was a 14 year old male Sheltie named Sebastian. He sounded very regal and very much like Sean Connery. He talked in a slow, well paced tone as well. He could have done voice overs. 😉

Another animal I read was a rescue Chiweenie named Chico who grew up on the streets and actually sounded like a gangster or Joe Pesce. He even swore when he talked to me. His old owners must have swore all the time.

If you could hear your animal talk, what kind of voice do you think they would have? Call me for a reading and I will let you know how your animal sounds.