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I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tara Edwards from ABC Action 7 News Detroit.  What an experience! I am so happy and proud to be able to share my gift with others in order to help animals.  The entire interview, which aired on 12/26/13 can be viewed below.  Thank you to everyone for their support!

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Lorrie the Pet Psychic Spooktacular Pet Costume Contest

It’s almost Halloween! It’s time for candy, haunted houses, and dressing your pet in cutest costume imaginable. What will it be? A superhero? Elvis? Grumpy Cat? Here’s your chance to show off and celebrate how you dress your furry friend with Lorrie the Pet Psychic’s 2013 Spooktacular Pet Costume Contest. Simply visit my website at to enter. The best photo will win a free 15-minute reading with me (valued at $52.00).Pet Costume Contest

Contest rules:

1. Be sure to complete the below form and upload your photo. No Photoshopped photos, please!

2. Please submit all photos by Monday, October 28 2013.

3. Winner will be notified on Thursday, October 31 2013 and will be awarded a free 15-minute reading.

4. Be creative and have fun!

A winner has been announced. Please visit my facebook page to see the results. Thank you so much for all the entries.

Tips On Being Prepared For Your Pet If Disaster Strikes

Animal CommunicationWhat Happens To My Pet When Disaster Strikes Part Three:

After The Disaster Strikes

  • Pets experience stress just like we do, and if they have had to be separated from you as well, they may show behavior that isn’t usual for them.  Some pets become aggressive or defensive.  Keeping them as calm as possible and maybe away from other animals and strangers is a good idea.
  • Even after you have returned to your home if possible, keep a close watch on your pets outdoors as things like fencing and gates may be damaged and let them leave their yard.
  • Pets can be disoriented as the landscape is changed, their markers of their own property are destroyed as well.
  • Hazardous material, debris, chemicals and other substances may be open, scattered around, and a danger to your pet’s nose, feet and mouth.  An extra effort should be made to look around and remove anything that may harm your pet in any way.
  • Lot’s of Love and reassurance and petting will help you and your pet through the hard times.

Dachshund with separation anxiety 96264431If your pet is having a hard time adjusting call me and you and your pet can have a conversation to help all of you through this.

June Is National Pet Preparedness Month

This information was provided by The American Red Cross.

What Happens To My Pet When Disaster Strikes

Disaster Safety Checklist Part Two

What steps you can take are as follows:CuteJack-Russell-Terrier-puppy

  1. Keep your pets important information, in an easy to carry container and in a place that you can get to easily and quickly.  Also make sure everyone in your family knows where the kit is.  Along with the important information, items such as sturdy leashes and/or harness and pet carriers that you can transport your pet safely, all should be in the same place as the information kit.
  2. A good first aid kit is a good idea to have ready at all times.  My friend keeps one in each of her vehicles so that whether they are on the road, or at home one is easily accessible.  In the future blog, I will outline some good items to use for a first aid kit.
  3. Something that may come in very handy, are photographs of your pet in case they do get lost, or just separated from you in the commotion.  Also if you bring your pet indoors when you first hear warnings, you won’t have to be searching for them at the last minute when its time to head to a shelter.
  4. A list to give to whoever ends up boarding your pet until things are back to normal, is information regarding their brand of food, feeding schedules, allergies,any medical conditions,and the medication name and dosage.  The medication itself could be kept in the first aid kit, or in the container with all other information.  If you do not already have your vets name and number on other pieces of identification with the pet, make sure that is included somewhere.  A favorite toy, or blanket may make your pet feel less stress wherever they end up waiting out the disaster.

The American Red CrossJune is National Pet Preparedness Month

I myself do not have all of my pets information ready in a kit, but I will now.

This information was provided by The American Red Cross.

Stay Tuned for part 3.


Pet Checklist For When Disaster Strikes

majestic skyDisaster Safety Checklist -Part One

What steps you can take to be prepared:

  1. Before disaster strikes, call around and make a list of local and just out of town motels and hotels that will accept pets.  Even if they do not, ask if they will make an exception in the case of tornado, hurricane, flood, etc.  Be sure to ask if there is an additional charge for pets. Most Red Cross shelters will not take pets in.
  2. Make a list of with phone numbers of friends, relatives, boarding facilities, animal shelters, or veterinarians that may take care of your pets in times of emergencies.
  3. Be prepared for your animals to be separated if you can’t find someone to take in more than one.  It will be hard on them, but safety first.
  4. Make sure your pets vaccinations are up to date, and that you have proof to show whoever is taking your pets in.  Many pet shelters will require proof of up to date vaccinations.  This is good for your pet as well as others.
  5. Having your pet micro chipped is a good idea in case they should “get away from” whoever has taken them in.

June is National Pet Preparedness Month

It is that time of year for bad weather. Let us all take some time to be prepared for our pets. They are part of your family.

This checklist was from The American Red Cross.

Stay tuned for part 2 & 3.

Event Information

One Of My Favorite Pictures Of The Day

One Of My Favorite Pictures Of The Day

Event Wrap Up

I did an event this month with the Michigan Basset Rescue. I have been a vendor at the Waddle Picnic for about 8+ years now. We all had a great time. It is nice to see the Bassets and People I only see once a year.

Upcoming Event

  • My next event is on  Sunday, June 9th, at The Pet Emporium
  • Pet and Personal Readings
  • Time 12-3
  • Cost $50.00 for a 15 minute reading (event special).
  • Call 734-929-6533 to schedule your appointment.
  • I hope to see you there.

The Pet Emporium 2394 East Stadium Blvd. Ann Arbor, MI 48104 734-929-6533.