Great for People and Pets

I was skeptical when I first started looking up pet psychics and thought, “no way could this be real”, but I had a problem that needed answers. I initially left Lorrie a message just hoping she would call so I could see what she did and what she was like. She called me back and she was so nice! She didn’t try to force me to buy a session she was very honest about what she does and just simply answered my questions. So I thought about it and decided to book a session.

About a week later I had my session and it was an amazing experiences! She talked to my dogs, but it wasn’t on speaker phone, she was communicating with them and she helped me communicate with them as well. I could see by their body language that they could hear and understand her. I found out so much that I couldn’t have found out anywhere else.

She is also great with people stuff too! I have a situation with a good friend and she really gave me some great insight, and she knew things I had never told her. We also talked about my grandmother who is dying. She helped me understand what my grandmother is going through and explained how I can be there for her even though it doesn’t seem like she knows I am there.

Lorrie is wonderful. If you are visiting her website, there’s obviously a reason. Don’t pass this up and dial a psychic hotline. Lorrie is truly amazing. She won’t tell you necessarily what you want to hear to make you happy, she tells you the truth and for me, that’s exactly what I wanted . She’s the real deal. I booked my second appointment already and I can’t wait!

A New Horse Connection

Willow Tree Stables is always excited when we know Lorrie is coming. She is kind and insightful, with people and horses. She has given great comfort to my 9 year old daughter, who lost her favorite horse and was struggling to find another that she had that special connection with. Lorrie gave her reassurance that he was watching over her and in time, when she was ready, another horse would come into her life and give her a sign. From this advice my daughter was able to move on.
Even in 97 degree heat , Lorrie was able to make an amazing connection, with a little girl and a horse that where meant to be in the past, present and future, only to be proven true by the fact that when the horse was moving she caused an LARGE amount of damage only to be returned. They both knew where she was meant to be and now are together.

Lorrie is wonderful at what she does, she knew you had to ask to be able to enter my favorite Arab mare’s stall, and to help me figure out why she was so ill, breaking out in hives even when i did EVERYTHING to find out why. She is now happy, healthy and turning 30. I look forward to having and planning many more barn readings with Lorrie. She’s fun, helpful, insightful, and i know the horse’s enjoy her as well.

A Horse Lover

Very Big Heart

ANYONE who needs information revealed about a missing or ill pet should contact Lorrie immediately. She is so honest and unassuming and reads clearly and in great detail the messages she receives. Lorrie saved my best friend, Huck, and also rescued me from what would have been a hideous end to 2013. Huck had been
gone for over 2 days and I was a wreck.
There is no “hype’ or “amusement” factor ….just the voice of her very BIG HEART connecting with the heart and true voice of the pet.

Casper’s Triumph-Thank you Lorrie

Hi Lorrie – It’s Casper here! I wanted to THANK YOU for connecting with me when I was having my amputation and helping me heal up enough so I could travel to Michigan and to my foster home.
I now have all the stuffies I can play with!I still have some healing to do, but my incision is closing up nicely.
Thank you for sending the healing Reiki Energy to me while I was in the vet hospital in Kansas, and for all the love and hope!

I can still run like the wind on three legs!

I can still run like the wind on three legs!










The most soft caring voice

[Lorrie]She has the most soft caring voice I have ever heard. She told me [my cat]Shermie was ok and told me what Shermie was telling her. All he kept saying is he was right here. [Lorrie]She had a feeling of a small like house. I went right where she had described, called his name, and looked in the building.  I opened the door and he came running, flipping, and jumping out, ready to go home.

Thank you again Lorrie for all the help you give me. I will keep your number always and keep in touch.

C. Stroud

She told me things only I knew

Dog reading with Puppy

“What can I say I don’t think there are words to describe the feeling that came over me the first time I spoke with Lorrie… …I was referred to Lorrie and I called her right away. The minute Lorrie started to tell me what SugarBear was saying I couldn’t talk, I was in shock. She told me things only SugarBear and I knew. If I didn’t have Lorrie to help communicate between me and my dog I don’t know if I would have made it this far. It’s been 11 months since I put SugarBear down and I am very hopeful that SugarBear is with me every day. I know she is and every time I doubt it I call Lorrie and SugarBear tells her stuff to tell me that only SugarBear would know. Thank You Lorrie, You are a true angel. If it weren’t for you I don’t know if I would have made it this far. You Are Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Steph and SugarBear

Saved me Money and Gave me Peace of Mind

Lorrie of Healing Energy has saved me more money along with peace of mind. My two black Labradors are 10 years old. One is diabetic and partially blind with cataracts and the other has arthritis that is debilitating. Lorrie has performed Reiki on them and it always helps the arthritic dog as well as providing comfort to the diabetic one. She has saved me money on trips I would have made to the vet had she not done a reading and told me what was wrong with the dogs. She is great at reading people as well as pets and her healing energy of Reiki is beneficial to both too. I highly recommend Lorrie for pets and people.

Cheryl D., Davisburg, MI (and Zack and Sammy too!)

Trusting my Intuition

Lorrie did a fantastic reading of my horse. My experience with her allowed me to feel more comfortable trusting my own intuition. I found her to be very down to earth and genuine. I would not hesitate in having her back and recommend her highly.

 Tracie W., Farmington Hills, MI

Why is my Dog doing that?

My dog Quincy was scratching all the time to the point of creating bald spots. With Lorrie’s reading she was able to determine (which the vets could not) that it was the food that was causing him to itch. Now that his food has been changed he has a healthy coat of fur. Thank you Lorrie from Healing Energy.

K.C., Fenton, MI

Enriched Connection with Dog and Horses

Lorrie gave me a glimpse into the hearts and minds of my horses and dog. It touched me deeply to feel what they feel and helped me understand their actions. I feel our time together has been greatly enriched by this connection, made possible by Healing Energy through the heart and soul of Lorrie

Judy S., Milford, MI