Types of Readings

Phone Psychic Reading

Your animal is speaking to you…I Give Your Animals A Voice

Animals are amazing, expressive creatures. They have a variety of moods that could range from serious to ready to make us laugh. I enjoy communicating with all animals, but specialize in dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, horses and birds.

As a special bonus, I have now included energy healing with each reading at no additional charge.  Energy healing, or Reiki, can be used to heal physical and psychological aliments in both people and pets. Here’s how I can help you have a deeper connection with your pet:

Lorrie the pet psychic types of readings personal puppy

Pet Problems and Issues:   Is your pet acting out or behaving in a certain way?  Is he a picky eater or showing symptoms of being sick?  I can help you discover what’s going on and how they are feeling.

  • Behavioral Problems

  • Emotional Issues

  • Anxiety Problems

  • Health Challenges

  • Food Issues

Rescue and Adoption: Rescuing or adopting a pet is one of the noblest things you can do.  However, the transition into a new home can be stressful for the both of you, especially if your pet had a previous trauma.  Learn your pet’s backstory and needs to make his life in his new home a little easier.

  • Rescue and Adoption of Animals

  • Rescue Zoos

  • Pet and Household Compatibility

Final Wishes and Deceased Pets:  It’s always difficult to come to terms with the thought that our pets are ready to leave us. Understand your pet’s final wishes and contacted those who have passed on.

  • Pet’s Wishes

  • Contacting Deceased Pets

Horses and Farm Animals:  Learn the type of care your horses need and understand how your animals feel living in close quarters.

  • Horse StablesBeautiful horse Lorrie the Pet Psychic types of readings

  • Barnes and Farms

Lost Pets: When we lose a pet it can be heartbreaking. Let me try to help you find them as soon as possible. I can tell you if they are safe and give you clues to their location. See story of me helping to find Tinkerbell, the lost Chihuahua on Oprah, here. *Please note that I cannot guarantee that your pet will be returned once I have communicated with them. I will do everything within my ability to support your efforts in finding your animal friend.

Personal Readings

Psychic readings have provided meaning and answers to many of life’s questions for hundreds of years. My psychic advice has contributed to fruitful and meaningful decisions for my clients as they continue their personal and professional journeys. Types of psychic readings

Money and Finance: Learn if there will be money coming your way now or in the future. I can also provide you guidance on financial decisions.

Life, Love and Career: I can help you live the life, find the love and establish the career you deserve.

Contacting Loved Ones: Losing a loved one can be difficult. I can provide insight into how your deceased relative is feeling and if they are peaceful and happy, so you get the closure you need.

Health and Wellness: If you are experiencing health issues and need some answers on how best to proceed, I can help provide the direction on next steps and when your health may return. In addition, if a family member is in a coma or can’t speak verbally, I can help you communicate with them so you understand their wishes.


The pricing of our sessions will be based on reading length. Click here to see options

I perform psychic readings with individual animal owners over the phone. I can make house calls for a nominal travel fee.  I will travel to horse barns and stables, farms and zoos to perform these readings in-person.  If the session will be conducted over the phone, I would need a medium sized photo of your pet. Please do not send your money until your appointment is scheduled.


In Person Psychic Readings

I do pet psychic readings locally in the Detroit, MI region and would love to come to your home or place of business for a personal psychic reading. I’m also available for all types of fun pet psychic events such as:

    • Group Parties
    • Special Events
    • Farms/Barns
    • Stables
    • Rescue Zoos

Contact me for more information

There is an additional travel fee for house calls and parties. There is a minimum charge + travel fee based on location of visit. Please contact me to arrange for these types of psychic readings and events.


Psychics Code of Ethics

We perform our work “for the good of all, according to the free will of all”. When requested, we use our gifts, talents, skills and abilities to provide guidance, insight and perspective to our clients. We honor every individual’s freewill and our personal right to choose our own path. We seek to uplift and empower those who cross our paths, and we avoid judgment. We act as the conduit for the communication between the client’s own “higher self” and ordinary self. We say what we sense, to the best of our ability. We are keepers of secrets. We honor our clients’ rights to privacy and will release no information about our clients’ transactions with us.

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